1. Prospect park. Brooklyn

  2. You see the very thin line in the photo ?

  3. You ever look up sometime? 


  4. On the other side


  5. Redhook, Brooklyn

  6. NYC

  7. Red Hook, Brooklyn NYC

  9. BLADES Skate Night at House of Vans

    Thank you Vans

  10. Is not everyday you get the chance to skate house of vans privately and the opportunity to take photos of the bowl with no one skating it too.

    Thank you Vans and House of Vans for keeping me active in the winter time.

    Hope you like the photo 

  11. Amazing art piece by Kaws at Mary Boone Gallery.

    Chelsea, NYC
    35mm Films @petergiang

  12. Long Island City, New York 2014

  13. Winter 2013
    Ethan @brooklandscape 

  15. Everyone got to eat right ? 
    NYC 2014